Diana Mae and Jauzlynn McCormick Heart2Heart

Have you ever thought about starting a non-profit? Do you have a passion for helping others that are less fortunate?

The amount of homeless people across our country is at an all-time high. Their needs are great and thanks to my guests Diana Mae and Jauzlynn McCormick, we are going to be talking about what they have done to make a difference.

Diana founded Heart2HeartUSA.org because she is on a mission to provide food, water, clothing and hygiene kits to under-served homeless people.

Beauty starts on the inside and moves outward. You only have to look at her smile to know that she has a big Heart.  Not only does she have the desire to make a difference, but she inspires others to join her.  Jauzlynn McCormick is a perfect example.

Like Diana, she doesn’t just think about how to help, she is a doer. She volunteers regularly for Heart2Heart.

I first met these women through my good friends Symond and Russell Boschetto from Share Hope USA. www.sharehopeusa.com. They arrived with 500 hygiene kits at a feeding event I attended. I watched as people lined up to get a simple bag of products to make things a little better for their lives.  Things we take for granted are precious gifts of love from the Heart.

I knew immediately that I wanted to know more about the Heart2Heart organization. Now you will have an opportunity to hear their stories this Monday, January 30th from 1-2 for your listening and viewing pleasure on LA Talk Live www.latalklive.com and www.ustream.tv/channel/la-talk-live

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