John Mese…Actor, Writer and Friend

Many years ago, I had the good fortune of meeting John Mese.  I first came to know him because he was an “in-shape,” “stability ball master,” in the courtyard area of our Westchester YMCA. What do I mean?

Nobody could balance and do exercises on the stability ball with a stronger core than John. He wasn’t acting, he wasn’t looking for attention, but trust me ladies, you couldn’t miss him.

John was one of my first guests in 2015, he has always supported and encouraged me in this new chapter of my life as an internet radio show host on LA Talk Live.

He will be joining me on my Born To Talk radio show, Monday, January 23, 2017 starting at 1:00 PST on You can also watch and listen on If you miss the live broadcast, a link will be available later in the afternoon on my Born To Talk Radio Show Facebook page and in an archived link on my website

John is a husband and father with undisputed southern charm.

We will be talking about his family, LSU experiences and his love of writing and acting.

Have you ever considered writing a short story, a screen play, a movie script?  It’s not a simple process, it’s a passion.  Where do you start?

John is a storyteller, join us as he shares some stories about his life with me.