Ellen Shane, Founder of The Emily Shane Foundation

Special thanks to my guest Ellen Shane, founder of The Emily Shane Foundation.  Ellen takes us on the journey of her daughter Emily’s murder at the age of 13 as she innocently was walking to catch a bus home. 


In keeping Emily’s radiance and legacy alive because she was compassionate, empathic and eager to help anyone in need, Ellen founded the Emily Shane Foundation. To spread kindness and giving through the Pass it Forward campaign.

Through the SEA Program, Successful Educational Achievement, Ellen has worked diligently to help under-achieving middle school age students reach their potential through mentoring and tutoring in this after-school program.

Ellen will be sharing with us about how the SEA program started and how it has grown into multiple school districts.

This is an inspiring show. I admire what Ellen has accomplished in making the difference for so many young people, that may have just slipped through the cracks. 

It’s a testament in courage and strength with the knowledge that Emily undoubtedly would be so proud of her parents as they were of her. 

Thank you for listening to Ellen’s story of perseverance and dedication. 

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