Fisherman’s Village, Marina Del Rey, California

I know I spend a great deal of time sharing my travel adventures on this blog.  Today, believe it or not, I was actually cold in my house. After a lengthy summer of sweltering heat for us in Los Angeles, it was beginning to feel like fall.  The time changes and suddenly the weather did as well.

Or so I thought. As it turns out, it may have been cool in the house but once I was outside, I was reminded that one of the benefits of living near the ocean and marina is the incredible photo opportunities on a warm fall day.

Today was extraordinary. I felt the need to be inspired with my own community. Off I went with my camera just a few short miles from my house!

I knew the boat ramp usually had pelicans hanging around but they weren’t there this time. There was however a lonely stately cormorant.

While this is a handsome bird and is fun to watch as he dives for his food, I knew there was more to see. I just didn’t expect to be as lucky as you will see.

I went to Fisherman’s Village just another mile down the road.  The sun was shining, there were just a couple of young fishermen and my new friend Mike was working at Marina Del Rey Sport Fishing. He turned out to be a wealth of information.

Some 80 pictures later, I was still smiling and wondering why I don’t go down there more often. I will choose some of my favorites.  This is going to be a blog Part 2 & 3 I think!

Let’s start with the Pelicans. These are examples of adult Pacific Brown Pelicans both breeding and non breeding varieties. I leave the specifics to the birders out there!

I guess he thinks that’s pretty funny. Too bad I wasn’t fast enough to get his whole beak!  I believe that is a double-crested cormorant joining in on the fun.  I know some of the pelicans are also juveniles.

Grooming seems to be almost as important as sitting. Their long beaks reminded me of Edward Scissorhands, they were constantly in motion.

Keeping with the movie theme…What movie do you think of when you see this??? Hint…Mr. Miyagi.

Pelicans are experts at fishing. It doesn’t hurt that they have these big throat pouches.

Some have resting perfected. This guy had better be careful or Edward may have to trim those flyaway hairs!

I Heart this one…

Then the real excitement started.  What a commotion…

Guess this explains the need for the throat pouch!

I told you this was an incredible experience and this is just part of what I saw today.

Sneak Peek or Beak…

Immature Black Crested Night Heron