Good Morning…Newfound Lake!

Nothing could be finer than to be…in New Hampshire, in the morning!  That just misses the mark, but I bet you are singing about Carolina right now!  I’ve been there too!

This is just the way it looked from my bedroom window at 7:02!  Call to action, no particular place to be, let’s lace up those shoes, get a lightweight jacket with a pocket for the always necessary cell phone and a key!

Teeth are brushed, hair looks like hell…but I’ve got my trusty camera and there will be no selfies!!

Before I head out the door, I noticed this moth just attached to the picture window, probably heard about the great food.

First stop, my favorite reflecting pond.  It never disappoints.

If my name was Fern, I would have this made into a name badge.  In fact, Fern Wietecha, does that work? Okay, maybe not.  Green continues to be one of my favorite colors!

When the Red, Red, Robin, comes Bob, Bob, Bobin, Along, Along…

Make a wish!

Just a lovely shot of the Inn from the beach around the bend.

I believe Paul Bunyan had stopped by here earlier.  I sure hope he hadn’t plan to do some hunting as well!

I know these signs were not next to each other, but they could have been, no disrespect intended.  Notice the dates on this really old cemetery.

As fast as I think I’m walking, there is no way I am going to exceed the speed limit.  No, these signs were not next to each other either.

I finally reached my destination, another part of the lake with beautiful views, well worth the 45 minutes to get here.

The boats are ready to go and to think just a few months ago this lake was frozen solid.

Such interesting sights along the way, a far cry from my daily walk at Loyola Marymount University with my friends.  Not sure what emerges from this sticky mess.

The mail carriers drive to deliver the mail to these cool rustic boxes!

So happy I took this morning stroll, sun shining, black flies swirling around my face and neck! For those unfamiliar, they’re just like darn mosquitoes, with a short 2 week window of annoyance, which happens to coincide with my two week visit. I’m not paranoid, and I know I’m not annoying! Just ask me.

None of that matters, because the sun and blue skies faded back to gray and drizzle in the afternoon.  I believe that is why naps were invented!

Can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow!  Stay tuned!