I Love LA

How often do you take advantage of the city you live in? A few weeks ago I boarded a double decker bus along with some of my friends to do just that.

You may have seen “tourists” riding in buses; cameras blazing, as they snap away at sights that those of us that live in the sprawling city of Los Angeles take for granted.

We were the tourists, on the Neon Bus Tour supported by the Museum of Neon Art starting on 4th and Main Streets in downtown Los Angeles for a 3 hour tour that covered downtown, China Town, Hollywood parts of the Westside as we headed back up the Wilshire Blvd corridor.

I wish my pictures were better. But you can see we did see some neat Neon.

Don’t say it!

As you can see some of these neon signs have had to adjust to the changing needs of the community.

Yes we were cruising down the boulevard. I wasn’t drinking, just having trouble getting a clear picture from a moving bus!

Maybe the new days are just as special as the old days…Depends on who you ask!

One thing you can count on, if you sit in front of the TV, and don’t step outside, you may be missing some pretty cool sights right in your own backyard!

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