Jamie Altshule

Thank you Jamie Altshule for joining me on my Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast.  Our show focus is about Education. As an Education Consultant and founder of Academic Success, you will hear how Jamie and her team of Coaches are helping families navigate the uncharted water of education today.

Academic Success.

The purpose of Academic Success can be found in the title of her company. Jamie’s goal is to support the whole family.  Her services provide for the student and the parents by giving them an opportunity to be on a team.   Learning modalities have changed over time. It’s different for today’s parents then it was when they were students. Jamie’s intention is to help the relationship side for the students and their parents. She doesn’t want the parents to serve as the homework police.  Instead, by integrating a coach into their lives they provide instructional support.

By teaching how to organize, understand time management, and prioritize their assignments, students are set to meet the challenges of online learning.

Pre-COVID Jamie’s team made in person one on one house calls. That’s changed, they no longer provide in-person coaching. However modern technology has come with a silver lining. Enter Zoom.

The education landscape is shifting. Now the home has become a school.  Each family has its unique needs.  The age and grade levels are just part of that.  Depending on where you live, the rules and regulations may vary, as well.


To make progress or improve in a specific skill, Jamie spoke about upleveling.  
What to consider while your child is learning from home.  Jamie mentioned, starting with their environment.
Kids find success when they keep a routine starting with general health.  Regular sleep, eating breakfast, hygiene, exercise, and dressing for their zoom calls.
Where do they do their schoolwork? Do they have a comfortable workspace and chair? What’s the temperature in the room? Plan to have some water and snacks available.
These are all part of new family traditions.  When parents are part of the process and set up tools for success it’s a win-win. Not every parent can easily instruct an elementary school curriculum, biology, or advance mathematics class, but with Academic Success Coaches, it’s possible.
Jamie’s positivity is real.  Why did she become an educator?  What can she share with you and your family? You can subscribe to her newsletter to learn more.
Thank you, Jamie, you have a great Success story!

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