Jason Merchey

Thank you, Jason Merchey, for joining me on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast. It will become crystal clear, that Jason uses words that drive a vision of Wisdom.   I found his metaphors easy to understand and enjoyable to hear.


Values of the Wise.


“The Values of the Wise Series is a treasury of ideas, thoughts, & feeling that represent the best of humane ideals.” Howard Zinn.

Wisdom: A Very Valuable Virtue That Cannot Be Bought

Jason’s book about Wisdom is full of ideas and insights that will assist us to:

  • Discover and prioritize wisdom in our personal lives and relationships
  • Achieve greater fulfillment, happiness, and self-confidence
  • Bring about true success based on self-knowledge and value
  • Make a positive difference in our community and the world as a whole


Jason’s Takeaways.

“When you know what your values are, and actively and passionately apply them in your life, you have found yourself, and that is likely to make a positive impact on people both near and far. This is a Life of Value.”

“And in the end, how one lived, the people they touched, and which values they “lived” tend to seem much more important and valuable than how much money they made, how popular they were, or how many followers they had. Maurice Riseling said, “Sooner or later, life makes a philosopher out of us all.” “It’s wiser to think of such important matters while the sun is still high in the sky….”

In Closing.

Jason has a wealth of quotes in his book. He is inspired by this quotation about wisdom and personal growth from Albert Einstein:

“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.”


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