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Joining me on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast on August 15th, 1-2 PT is Jason Merchey.

Meet Jason.

To start with, Jason is the founder of Values of the Wise.  he is also a writer and blogger.  After junior college, he earned a bachelor’s degree summa cum laude in psychology and social behavior from the University of California Irvine.  He was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa for excellence in liberal scholarship. Jason went on to earn a master’s degree in clinical psychology from California State University Fullerton.

What came next, was obtaining thousands of hours of experience counseling clients of all types. It was in that capacity that Jason became intrigued by and began to study wisdom, values, and ethics. Jason has earned a graduate certificate in philosophy and ethics from Harvard University Extension. Jason lives in the Hendersonville, NC area with his wife and pets.

Values & Virtues.

Jason defines values as “those things we hold most dear—which makes life most worth living. They are different for each of us, but there are common threads that one can trace back to ancient civilizations, The Enlightenment, the Renaissance, and so on.”

Accordingly, “virtues and character are indispensable for those who are seeking personal growth, happiness, contentment, respect, and loving relationships. These are humanity’s highest aspirations, and they add an incalculable value—but can’t be bought with money. How we grow them within ourselves is the project of a lifetime, and has been for every wisdom seeker since time immemorial. For the person who works hard at personal growth and psychospiritual development, the end goal can reasonably be the kind of flourishing that Aristotle and many others held up as the best kind of life.”


His fourth book is titled Wisdom: A Very Valuable Virtue That Cannot Be Bought.  In this case, he has assembled an impressive and diverse array of helpful research findings, philosophical principles, hundreds of relevant and useful quotations, and personal reflections. Furthermore, it synthesizes psychology, philosophy, and personal growth.

For example, knowing about the whole panorama when it comes to wisdom, and really thinking about insightful words by many of history’s smartest and most dynamic individuals, comprise two of the best ways to gain insight and find inspiration for living “a good life.”

In Closing.

This book is full of quotes that support each chapter.   For instance, this one from Chapter One:

“If we could look into each other’s hearts and understand the unique challenges each of us faces, I think we would treat each other much more gently, with more love, patience, tolerance, and care.”  Marvin J. Ashton.

Tune in to hear his story!


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