Julian Gonzalez, Mass Mutual Financial Group

Please join me on Monday, May 6th from 1-2PT to hear the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast with my guest, Julian Gonzalez.


Meet Julian.

I met Julian at our local LAX/Coastal Chamber of Commerce. He is a Financial Services Professional for Mass Mutual Financial Group here in Los Angeles. Born and raised in Westchester, he is now dedicated to helping individuals, families, and small businesses in his community get financially organized and take the right steps to financial freedom. These services provide the security we all want regardless of our age.

The unexpected turn of events.

In March of 2018, one week before beginning his internship, as a senior at Santa Clara University, Julian broke his neck in the ocean in San Diego. After being saved by his best friend, Patrick he was rushed to the hospital and a couple of days later had a spinal fusion to keep 4 of his vertebrae aligned by a titanium rod. Can you imagine the fear? 

What will be our show’s focus?

What was life like for Julian growing up in Westchester as a first-generation American? Why did he decide to work on a financial planning team? How did his accident change his perspective on life?  

As a result, Julian has a new lease on life. Most importantly, he is committed to living a life of service.  Now he is taking the biggest advantage of this second chance for an even greater calling to his life.   In addition, I knew when I met Julian for the first time, that he has a great life story to share. Please join us for this uplifting show.

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