Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About

I’m looking at you, are you looking at me?  Now what?

I have no idea.  I wonder how long Jay Leno’s writing team spends on his opening monologue.  I have hit the delete and backspace button more times than the space bar.

So many ah ha moments in Blog-land.  (Fragment)  It’s not as easy as it looks!! I am so easily distracted, the clock keeps ticking and my head is full of endless possibilities. I think I may need to find a broom and sweep some of the clutter out of the way.  Maybe a dust buster would be better, then it all just goes into a bag.

Here’s the deal, I am a dialoguer…yes I made that word up. This is my definition; some one that talks with others. In my case it usually revolves around some form of 20 questions.

I have no problem talking to strangers. If you are wearing anything that identifies something about you, it’s the perfect lead in. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sports team, a vacation spot or your favorite non-profit work out shirt; they all say something about you and your interest.

How often are you standing in line somewhere, especially this time of year, where you have to wait?  Costco, the post office, the doctor’s office, you name it. A simple smile, and I’m off and running.  And why not?  Okay, maybe you just wish the blabber mouth in line what shut the hell up, but maybe you soon discover that you root for the same team, love New England or volunteer for the local Y. And presto chango, a great dialogue has developed.

It’s not rocket science to be friendly.  It doesn’t take some hidden agenda to be interested in others. Most people can say something positive about life if given the opportunity.  Why not try it yourself?  Start with a smile.  Don’t expect anything in return and see if your smile is matched with a return smile. And if it is…try out a couple of questions. 

Spread some good cheer. And if you give me just a minute, I’d love to tell you about the Clippers, my trips to the Inn on Newfound Lake and my local Y!!!    

Spanky and Our Gang…1999  said it best… 

“I’d Like to Get to Know You, Yes I Would.”