Love Is In The Air

On this Valentine’s Day 2016, I thought I’d share a bit about romance. I travelled to Tucson, Arizona to spend a couple of days with my son. I always sit next to the window, how else can you see what’s out there?  Hello Catalina Island just below the clouds.I’m a basketball fan. I LOVE the game. Doesn’t matter men, women, college or pros, I’m going to watch and attend when I can.  This weekend I had the good fortune of attending the match up of the University of Arizona, Wildcats versus the University of California at Los Angeles, Bruins. Cats against the bears.  The mascots would suggest that the bear could overpower the cat, but not this night.

Let’s get it started Kaleb # 35.It wasn’t an easy win, but very necessary because LOVE was in the air and winning was part of the post game plan!Cue the music, something big is about to happen!My son was proposing marriage to his girlfriend Eva after the game on center court! Okay, she knew he was proposing, that wasn’t the surprise, the surprise was where and when.  He put together his “team” to pull off a win bigger than the game.

Unbeknownst to her, Dave began the production of The Ring several months ago.  The captain of the Cheerleaders, Kacie was instrumental in pulling off this caper.I was the bait.  The plan was to “surprise” me and say that Kacie made arrangements for all of us to go to center court after the game so “mom” could take some photos. Off we went, with the full plan in place.

If you follow sports, you may be familiar with the “fat heads,” the larger than life photos of players or coaches that the fans hold up in the stands. Dave arranged for Eva’s brother and wife and sister and husband to come on to the court carrying a fat had poster that they were hiding behind.  She had no idea they were at the game.

As we were taking photos, Dave pretended to tie his shoelace; he got down on one knee and popped the question! She was shocked!  One friend was taking a video, I was caught up in the moment and didn’t get the knee bend, but you can see in this photo that her hand was up in the air!  And he said….”she said yes!”The pomline stayed on the court to be part of the photo session!Some of the players came back out to celebrate. Dave made sure that everyone knew what was happening in December, including my favorite player, Kaleb Tarczewski the little 7 footer I’ve come to know! It was nice his mom was there as well.Even former Wildcat and now Philadelphia 76ers T. J. McConnell was in the house.We had a blast! I’m excited for their future and welcome Eva to the family!

Just like that, I am up up and away knowing full well that LOVE Was In The Air.

On a slightly different example of LOVE, this is why I sit next to the window. I LOVE to see what our beautiful country looks like cruising from an altitude of 39,000 feet.Green!!! This was exciting to see.Just like that, a short time out of town. It was a LOVEly couple of days.

I hope LOVE surrounds you today as well.