What’s All The Flapping About?

I don’t have to go too far from my house to see birds in action.  I am truly an amateur photographer, make no mistake. But I had the good fortune to spend some time with a friend that knows a thing or two about cameras! Off we went to one of my favorite locations, the Playa del Rey, Lagoon.

What I wasn’t anticipating was “Lady Bird.”  I have seen her there before, but this time we just sat and watched the action unfold. I ask her how often she comes to the Lagoon with her bags of bread that she buys on sale. She told me daily. I get it.  I feed my “friends” daily as well but that’s where the comparison stops. Check her out!Oh yes, there are lots and lots of gulls, pigeons, doves, coots and ducks.I just kept “firing” away. My friend said to keep the lens wide and then crop for closeness when I was ready to post them. It was a great idea. Check these out. The Rock Doves, which we commonly call pigeons, were so brilliant with their iridescent necks and chest; but they don’t hold a candle to Mr. and Mrs. Mallard.This Ring-billed gull is standing up for its close up as well.What I find so interesting about that particular gull are the feathers with a smidge of “lipstick” on its bill.Now I’m hyper focusing on what I find interesting about this menagerie. As an example, check out the legs! And their knees  seem to be inverted.The pigeons were not all the same either. I have no idea what this brown guy is, but he was standing his own ground with the rest of the flock.Look into my eyes!Now for the real show off the Red-billed gull with the red eyeliner.Flapping and squawking was like music to my ears.Thanks Lady Bird, for providing me the opportunity for some great photo opportunities and to my friend for his suggestion to just sit down and take it all in!!Next week the flapping continues in Malibu. Yes I have a great life!