Michael Lawson, Los Angeles Urban League

Michael Lawson, President and CEO of the Los Angeles Urban League will be my guest on Monday, March 26th from 1-2PT on my Born To Talk Radio Show.

Michael and I will be talking about the history and the mission of the Urban League and the impact it has had on Los Angeles.

Since 1921, the Los Angeles Urban League (LAUL) has been at the forefront of the civil rights movement, identifying and addressing issues that are of concern to African Americans and other minorities in Los Angeles and throughout the state of California.

“The Mission of the Los Angeles Urban League is to enable African Americans and other minorities to secure economic self-reliance, parity, power and civil rights through advocacy activities and the provision of programs and services in our uniquely diversified city and region.”

The Los Angeles Urban League champions public policy initiatives that ensure every American has access to jobs with a living wage and good benefits, quality and affordable healthcare solutions, institutions of higher learning, and safe housing on fair terms.

The Los Angeles Urban League works to decrease unemployment and under-employment of African-Americans and other minorities by delivering employment services to individuals and families that promote economic self-sufficiency through career counseling, job placement, retention and advancement.

Their Entrepreneurship and Business Development work provides minority-owned businesses with technical training and corporate and public-sector relationships to create economic opportunities that ensure long-term growth and sustainability.

Michael will be sharing what the Los Angeles Urban League Guild of volunteers and the National Urban League Young Professionals are doing to make a difference in Los Angeles’s businesses and schools.

Everyone has a story. It’s my privilege to bring those stories to you each week.  Join us for this educational and inspiring hour.

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