Mimi Donaldson

Thank you, Mimi Donaldson,  for being part of my milestone 250th episode of the Born To Talk Radio Show, Podcast!

You know how” a photo can leave you with an impression? Looking at these photos of Mimi certainly sends a message to me. Mimi is a Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Author of 4 books. While we may be concerned about how our words may be interrupted today, let me say, her “infectious and contagious” smile is meant in the most positive way possible.  She is a daily dose of happiness and enthusiasm as you will hear when you listen to our show.

According to Mimi, “Energy is the most important quality in presenting yourself.  You give away energy to attract people through the 5 channels of energy. They include your eyes, hands, feet, body, and voice.”  Then add to that mix, your “pace, intonation, tone, projection, and non-words.” She lives her life with that energy. Her purpose is to do, think, and feel.

Show Highlights.

Mimi is an early morning person. She is mentally at the top of her game. This is when she writes what she thinks when she wakes up. As she writes, she reads it out loud, to be clear that she is capturing the essence of her thoughts. Sometimes those thoughts turn into book chapters, other times she is visualizing a client and what they may be promoting in their speech or presentation.

One of her great tips included, in what she called, it happens in an “elevator” when some might ask, “What do you do?” “Well, um.”  This is not a great response. Her response will always start with, “You know how people don’t know how to answer that question? I help people answer that.  I’m a speaker coach.”  Imagine in your professional life you have been asked to give a speech or presentation, are you nervous? Mimi believes that being prepared is essential.  One of her favorite quotes is from Benjamin Franklin. “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Even in today’s technology, preparation is key.

Lead with a need!



Pitch Perfect…Grow Your Business in 7 Simple Steps.

Mimi shared her first 3 steps with us. Speak to your listener’s train of thought:

“Why should I listen?”  Lead with their need/problem/pain.

“How will you solve it?”  Brief solution.

“Why are YOU the one?” Credibility/background.


Mimi Tips!

Another favorite, quote that Mimi shared was from Aldous Huxley.  “Words form the thread on which we string our experiences.” When you are about to make a presentation or speech, remember the value of taking a pause. It avoids the filler words we are all familiar with “ahs and ums.” Take a breath and pause.

Where would you like to see your business in 2020?  Are you interested in doing a TEDx talk? While this year hasn’t started out in the “vision” any of us could have imagined, Mimi’s books and website may be a great learning tool for you moving forward. Check out her website to have a free consultation.

When Mimi speaks she uses three L’s…Listen, Laugh & Learn.
That’s her Story.

What’s Your  Story? Conversations + Connections = Community