Saundra Bryant

Saundra Bryant will be my guest on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast on, Monday, August 28th from 1-2 PT. She is the Executive Director of the All Peoples Community Center.

Meet Saundra.

Saundra first came to All Peoples Community Center when she was just two. More specifically, she came to their daycare. She participated in their programs throughout her childhood and adolescence.  Saundra has been the Executive Director for over 40 years. Her commitment to her community is demonstrated by her lifelong service to others.  Saundra will be retiring soon.

All Peoples Community Center.

All Peoples Community Center has an 81-year history of service to South Los Angeles. While the community’s needs are ever-changing, All Peoples continues to grow and adapt in order to provide programs and services that allow for life-changing opportunities. As an essential service provider in the City of Los Angeles, they thrive on the support of their volunteers, sponsors, and donors, and they are successful because of their hard-working and dedicated staff.

These are their deeply held values:

Acceptance.  Empowerment.  Unity. Equality. Respect.  Self-determination.  Community-Centered Mission.  Effectiveness. Leadership.  Collaboration.  These values transcend into the community they serve.

“Their goal is to provide social services and programs that empower individuals and promote community respect and self-determination for all.”

In closing.

All Peoples Community Center’s vision is to become a state-of-the-art community resource and empowerment center, representative of the community’s greatest dreams and aspirations.

This will be our opportunity to hear about her wonderful career at All Peoples Community Center.

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