Paul Mitchell, Community Volunteer and So Much More

Special thanks to my friend Paul Mitchell, for joining me on today’s Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast. Paul’s life story is interesting and inspiring.

Paul didn’t have an easy childhood growing up in a bi-racial family in the 60’s living in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I truly appreciate how candid and honest he is about those times in his life and what he did to change his direction.

As you heard in his business life as the President of his company, Mitchell Sales Advisors, he considers himself a “servant leader” and applies that philosophy as a dedicated volunteer with many organizations from his early days coaching football in Compton at Centennial High for two years, visiting the  Miller Juvenile Detention Center every week for 5 years, mentoring the youth at Homeboy Industries,  the prison ministry at LA Central Jail with Healing Hearts and Restoring Hope, Mother Theresa’s Ministry feeding the homeless each week and his yearly mission trip to Guatemala.

Paul’s faith guides him through life today and it’s clear he has found a profound gift of giving and helping the non-profits he supports and volunteers with on a regular basis.

We can all make a difference in someone’s life. You may not be able to be as active as Paul, however, you may feel motivated especially at this time of year to reach out to a local non-profit and extend a helping hand. Check out the organizations in your community. There is always a place for a willing volunteer. You’re welcome to leave a comment on this website for others to hear about your volunteer experiences.

I hope you enjoyed Paul Mitchell’s story as much as I did sharing it with you. Thank you for listening!

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