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Thank you Peggy Lanum for joining me on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast.

To begin with, Peggy has a Master’s Degree in Organizational Psychology and is a certified Human Resource Professional.  Her company, Better Working Together, LLC consults with companies nationally.  Since the pandemic, she is hearing recurring comments that we are not okay. Why is this? We are definitely living in Uncertain times. Not everyone has the same experiences.  However, if you have felt isolated, if your job and home life have been twisted, in ways you weren’t prepared for, what can you do about it?  This is the podcast for you!


Peggy has written a book that I believe we can relate to.

Navigating Uncertainty offers an essential, quick reference for busy people who want to live well.  As a result, tapping into her years of experience as a business consultant and executive coach, Peggy introduces 26 topics related to well-being, with resources from over 100 of today’s scientists and thought leaders. Clever, accessible, and backed by science, Navigating Uncertainty: An A-Z Guide for Well-Being is an invaluable guide for anyone living in today’s uncertain times.

In the first place, just speaking for myself, I can say, that there are definitely times when I just want to know what to do. Don’t we all want to live with a well-being attitude?  As the cover of her book suggests, perhaps it’s time to turn on the light bulb and find some new ways to Navigate Uncertainty in your life.


Navigating Uncertainty:  An A to Z Guide for Well-Being.

Here are 10 Things You Will Learn:

Tips on how to leverage the power of your mindset through brain science.

Ways to design your environment to support your objectives.

Ways to identify your core values.

How to leverage the power of gratitude.

Strategies you can apply to infuse your day with more energy.

Ways to create meaningful connections with others.

Tactical ways to identify negative emotions and self-sabotaging beliefs.

Proven techniques to challenge negative self-talk.

Techniques to leverage physical wellness to support all areas of well-being.

Actionable tips to intentionally create the life you love.

Peggy’s Takeaways.

Finally, “Our behaviors matter. What we say and do can have a significant impact on not only our inner lives but the emotions and behaviors of others. So be kind. Be aware that everyone is going through something right now…practice grace and kindness to yourself and others.”

In Closing.

 Peggy lives by this: “We are at our best when we are engaged and purposeful in all areas of our lives.”


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