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Peter Bedard, Author, Teacher, Speaker & Hypnotherapist

Conversations + Connections = Community

What’s Your Story?

Peter Bedard

Listen in to the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast, Monday, August, 10th from 1-2 PT for our live show.

Who is Peter Bedard?

Peter holds an MA in Consciousness Studies and is also a Certified Hypnotherapist.  His education and background continue to help thousands of people heal from physical and emotional pain.

Peter knows from his own, near-death experience the power of living a well-integrated, and pain-free life. He looks at the source of pain as the greatest source of wisdom we will ever have. His message is clear: “Our pain is the gatekeeper to our best, most fulfilling life.  When we learn to embrace it, we converge and become whole.”

Peter will be sharing the process with us from his book,

“Convergence Healing.  Healing Pain with Energetic Love”  

Peter’s goal is to heal chronic pain without prescription medicine. For some insight into this wonderful book, here are the titles of each of the chapters in his 10-step process:

The Gift of Pain.  Give Your Pain a Name.  Step out of the Fog.  Open the Convergent Mind.  Dissolve into the Present.  Love Inside Out.  Develop Deep Self-Trust.  Integrate Trauma.  Embrace the Unknown.  Move into Action.

Within these chapters, Peter shares exercise plans he uses to help others.

Let’s learn together what Convergence means and how each of us can apply that to our daily lives.

What’s Your  Story?Conversations + Connections = Community