Raising Redemption

Have you ever considered writing a book?  And if you did, what would it be about?  Are you a history buff, a romantic, or a sci-fi lover?

You would think that someone that enjoys writing a blog could imagine them self kicking it up a notch. I must admit, this is about my limit when it comes to writing. Talking is a different style of communicating and comes rather easy to me.

My guest this week Rossi Russell, didn’t start out choosing to be an author.  His road took him from Harvard Law School to his current profession in the legal field.  What inspired him to write his first novel, Raising Redemption? 


Rossi reflects about how certain communities in America thrive while others struggle. What are the common factors that lead to upward mobility?

This question subtly beats in the background of a journey through successive generations of the Tilman family. You will discover the answer in his final chapter. You might wonder if the title plays a part in answering that question.  You’ll need to read his book to find out.

Think of this book as Roots meets the Joy Luck Club.  It’s a family saga revolving around sisterly relationships that develop between Alicia, the main character; and the women she comes to know and support.

There’s shame, secrets, sacrifice, and struggle, the drivers of the plot.

Here’s a glimpse into the book, as told by Rossi.

In each generation, starting with the first, the parent suffers from some form of shame and engages in devotional parenting.  The child redeems the parent.  In the very first chapter, that becomes strikingly clear as between Marjorie Tilman and her bastard son Ben, who becomes a rousing success.  His success is her vengeance against her rapist.  Ben and his wife Sandra devote themselves to Alicia and her brother Benny, but Alicia is the one who falls astray, which never would have happened but for Marjorie and Ben’s secrets.  Alicia runs away pregnant and alone. She has the baby and gives him away, then struggles to be successful, relying on her looks and wits.  She ultimately earns a Ph.D in Economics and becomes a celebrated economist.  But professional and financial success are never enough to permit her to face her parents. Also, Alicia, in her own way, engages in devotional parenting with her son, Alexi, but from distance.  Unbeknownst to him, she is constantly watching and supporting him in ways he never realizes until he finds her as a young adult.  He ultimately becomes her enabler, and leads her back to Chesapeake, Virginia to face her parents in a critical reunion scene.  Alexi redeems Alicia, who then finally redeems her parents, especially her mother. Could raising your redemption, through devotional parenting, be part of the answer to my question?

Rossi will be my guest on Monday May 9, 2016 on my Born To Talk Radio Show heard and seen on www.latalklive.com at 1:00 PM PT.  Join me as I learn more about him, why he wrote this book and much much more.Next week I’ll introduce you to Chef Melissa Mayo. She believes that abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym. You won’t want to miss knowing more about her background and why she became a chef.