Simon Balderas & Buffy Castillo

Joining me on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast on February 6th, from 1-2 PT are Simon Balderas & Buffy Castillo.

Let’s Meet Simon.


To start with, Simon is a Native American filmmaker. He is the Creative Director, Producer, Writer, Editor, and D. O. P. at WonderMouse Inc.  Simon has the ability to bring complex stories to life with a unique and highly visual affection.  He communicates sophisticated concepts into beautiful and consistent visual poetry. He does this by utilizing lyrical and emotional conventions. At a very young age, Simon became an adept photographer eventually leading him to study critical film studies at the University of California at Santa Barbara. Over the years, he has demonstrated the ability to deliver projects with extraordinary cinematic results.

Let’s Meet Buffy.


Likewise, Buffy is a Native American Indian.  She is an Executive producer and a true Los Angeles Native. Buffy belongs to the Luiseño Tribe. They inhabited the coastal region of Southern California, including what has become Los Angeles today.  Buffy grew up in a very consciously aware household learning the importance of caring for our fellow man from both lines of her family.  Buffy is an Entrepreneur and Exec. Producer, Casting & Talent Manager with b.light Productions and proud partner of WonderMouse.   Buffy is also a contributing member of the Sundance Circle.

Their Film Collaborations. 

Simon directed and Buffy produced the following films:

The Runner.



“A true underdog story about a reclusive runner who is past his prime. Muri Rqara lies a quiet solitary life and has become a reflection of the city’s forgotten past. Until his life collides with Debra his alcoholic neighbor and her 8-year-old daughter.”

It was accepted in the 16th annual LA Skins Fest in November 2022.




“Buffy’s life story is told in her feature film project entitled “Buffalo” a poignant recollection of growing up in Southern California as an American Indian woman. It is a unique female-centric film of empowerment, love, and forgiveness.”

In Closing.

As a result of their continued partnership, we will be talking about what comes next for them.  Will their films continue to have a Native American influence?

They have great stories to share, tune in to hear all about them!


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