Mel Kaspin Blume

On Monday, June 29th from 1-2 PT my Born To Talk Radio Show is featuring Author and storyteller,

Mel Kaspin Blume.

Let’s meet Mel.

Mel Kaspin Blume is the former Head of Copy at Disney Consumer Products where she created in-depth storytelling copy for products from Disney, Pixar, Lucasfilm, and Marvel.  Two years ago, almost to the date, Mel left Disney to start Once Upon a Blume, a one-person branding and copywriting agency that specializes in the art of storytelling.

Mel has written for a range of companies including Forbes and Condé Nast. She lives in Los Angeles, with her husband, and almost 6-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son. Like many of us, she is constantly video chatting with her family. They currently live on the East Coast.

Born and raised in East Brunswick, NJ, Mel experienced NYC’s corporate fashion life after graduating from Rutgers University Business School. She headed out west in 2006, and after nearly a million jobs, she launched her writing career in 2010 by self-starting a fashion blog.

This is what she says about herself,  “I am both a left-brain and a right-brain thinker. This fusion of creativity and logic enables me to naturally speak to an array of audiences.”

The Art of Story-Telling.

Mel is an author and storyteller.  Her book “Screen, Beans, & Quarantines” is a delightful cleverly written and illustrated e-book. You can download it for free from her website. Designed for young kids, this book opens up the discussion, that parents and teachers may not know how to start.

As an example…”What is this thing this Covid-19? “And what in the world is a quarantine?” “What do all of these words even mean?” “And why do we have so many green beans?”

Once Upon a Blume.

What keeps Mel busy these days, besides her family? Her business, Once Upon a Blume.  She will be telling us about her career as a one-person branding and copywriting agency that specializes in the art of storytelling.  This is right up my alley.

Is your life a rhyme sometime? Tune in to hear about Mel’s life of rhyme and much more!

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