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Michele is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist.  She recently change her title from a “Grief Therapist” to a “Hope Therapist.”  Michele’s personal losses prompted a deep re-evaluation of her understanding of life and death.  She has a passion for working with the amazing transformation that grief brings. Life experiences change, bringing opportunities for growth at every stage of life.

According to Michele, grief can result from many types of loss and life transitions. Walking beside those who are in the process of grief, she helps her clients find compassion and wholeness in their life. It’s important to understand the nature of grief.  It is possible to get through this time of confusion, sadness, anger & loneliness to a place of hope and inner peace.
Through the use of gentle loving kindness, Michele supports her clients as they journey through the unfamiliar territory of grief toward rebuilding their lives. Although we all grieve differently, it is comforting to find compassionate and knowledgeable support through our journey to wholeness.

Understanding Grief.

It helps to start with your story and to ask yourself some important questions.  Here are some examples:

Who am I and Why am I here?” Find the thread that runs through your life that indicates what you are passionate about and how you got to where you are today.  “What is my deepest heart’s desire?”  “What do I need to do to accomplish my heart’s desire?”

How does grief give us a clearer understanding of ourselves? How does it change our perspective of life and death? Michele talks about considering the “Gifts” we receive from the challenges in our lives. She will tell you, that, “You are not “Crazy” if you are experiencing non-ordinary occurrences while grieving.”

Michele’s Takeaway.

“I have the incredibly rich opportunity of working with clients who are going through the transformative process of grief.  Drawing from my own personal grief experiences as well as my client’s, I recently changed my title from “Grief Therapist” to “Hope Therapist”.  You see, when people are working on processing their grief, they are actually looking for support to help them connect with HOPE.  The hope of making sense out of the chaos and the confusion they are in after having lost a loved one and the hope of rebuilding their life.”

 “Adversity gets us to know ourselves.” Albert Einstein.


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