So Long Hong Kong

This has been adventure that I won’t soon forget. Our last night in Hong Kong was lots of fun because we knew that there was a laser show shooting out from the buildings over the Victoria Harbour.  People were lined up ready for the show that starts at 8:00pm every night. It was a cloudy night, but it didn’t keep the lights from showing brightly.

This first picture demonstrates just how tall some of the buildings are along the Harbour.

Okay, I can’t help it, this was a definite “glamour don’t” in my opinion. Not sure if it is a growing trend, because I saw several women that seemed to think this was the way you were your tights and tennis shoes.

Bring on the lights!

A great way to say good night to Hong Kong.

On our last day in Hong Kong, before we boarded Cathay Pacific for a 12 hour flight, we thought we would visit Hong Kong Museum of Art, just around the corner from our Langhom Hotel.

This display by Ju Ming, The Living World Series, was so neat. We just decided to be total dorks and play like tourist, why not, who was going to remember us.  It’s a little hard to explain, but you can see what made this fun.  At least he wasn’t sending a text!

Here are just a couple more of the more than 100 sculptures both inside and out.

The preparations for this nearly 3 week trip, included meeting with a traveling nurse, to learn what  were the necessary immunizations and precautions against icky illnesses.  We got a Vietnam Visa. We bought mosquito repellant clothing, adapters, and compression socks.

I don’t go anywhere without my 3.5 lb bag of Vanilla Chai Tea and that 18 year old Starbucks mug that I use every single day.

But none of these fantastic expereinces could have been possible, had it not been for my great friend Shelley.  I’m so glad she works for the EMBA Program at LMU.

So to you Shelley, thanks for the memories…Happy Trails to Us!  

My passport is current, just in case you need to know that for next year!!

Homeward Bound…Yes We Are…Homeward Bound!!

Now friends, I guess it’s time to get back to my regular life…

let’s see where that leads me!