Some Final Thoughts on Vietnam

As I bring these travel blogs surrounding Vietnam to a close, I am thinking about the highlights of a tremendous adventure.

So you want to be a millionaire?  This is the Dong we used.  I could never get it right, so many zeros and math was not my best subject!!  $100 resulted in over 2,000,000 Dong. See what I mean!!

How could I forget all the motorbikes?

The Food…Pho may just replace my go to Chicken Soup, if only it was that good here! Searching for Pho.

I wonder if I had a bit too much of this…because the noodle picture isn’t very clear.

Can you just imagine trying to watch your favorite show, answer a phone call or log on to the internet?  Do you see this Time Warner & Direct TV? Makes our lines seem pretty simple.

Can’t forget the beautiful lanterns in Hoi An along with the gorgeous beach at Cua Dai, with Marble Mountain in the background.

This trip would not have been possible if it weren’t for Shelley, my great friend for nearly 40 years. Her job at LMU as the program coordinator for the EMBA Program has been my good fortune. This was my third trip with this group. Each has been an exciting learning experience from South America, Europe and now Southeast Asia. I’m very lucky!

Also, making this trip sensational were the people that made it possible. The Director of the EMBA Program, Richard Stafford and Professor Jeff Gale represented the University.  They have both been to Vietnam before and are part of the instructors that have taught and guided the 18 outstanding students through 20 months of education. Graduation is just a few weeks ago. Congrats to them on their Executive MBA degree.

Finally… To Van Nguyen, founder of Vietnam Alive Travel, thank you.

Van provided us with his keen perspective, as he narrated our trip through his country and made it come Alive Should you ever plan a trip to Vietnam, I highly recommend you contact his company.

I am not going delve too deeply into the politics of Vietnam and our country’s relationship during the war and afterwards.  But I would encourage you to read a book published last year and written by Chris Runckel, Assignment Vietnam.

Chris tells his story from firsthand experience as a Soldier, Diplomat and Businessman. He was the first Diplomat chosen to open U.S. Diplomatic relations with Vietnam.  As you might imagine, he has a wealth of knowledge and was always available to answer our questions.

Both Chris and his wife Soraya, who is very accomplished in her own rights, made this trip a life changing experience. They were with us throughout our stay. It was a privilege to meet them.

It’s clear their love for this part of the world, from the history, politics, customs, where to stay, what to see, where to shop and where to eat, along with navigating a foreign country, was a match made in heaven for me!  Google both of them, you won’t be disappointed!

So I say “Chao Vietnam”.  As Bob Hope would say…”Thanks for the memories”.

Last stop Hong Kong!!