Stephenie Zamora

Stephenie Zamora will be my guest on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast on February 20th from 1-2PT.

Meet Stephenie.

Here’s a little background on Stephenie. In 1993-1995 she started making her own little newspapers. She was recalling what it was like to make a long drive from Chicago to Albuquerque to see her grandparents.  Little did Stephenie know then, that she was on the path of writing, design, and entrepreneurship. Writing poetry, painting with acrylics, drawing, and creating was her passion.

In 2003 she moved to Colorado to attend The Art Institute.  After freelancing for a while she received an internship. Fast forward, to 2006 Stephenie graduated from an accelerated three-year program at the top of her class.

Nearly 12 years ago, Stephenie founded Stephenie Zamora Media.  As she says “we’re making the bold claim and promise to be the future of life purpose development.” They work with people who are struggling to rise up and come back after difficult transitions in their lives. As well as thought leaders and entrepreneurs.

She goes on to have incredible work experience. Until the unforeseen happened. She ended her relationship with her boyfriend. Two days later, he committed suicide. Now what?


Unravel is the messy, raw, and honest story of one woman’s ‘dark night of the soul’, as the unexpected death of a former boyfriend quickly spirals into the loss of her business, her life as she knew it, her closest relationships, and her entire sense of self.

For anyone struggling, hurting, or feeling turned upside down in the middle of their own life, Stephenie reminds us that there’s no ‘right way’ to heal from grief and trauma, and no ‘right timeline’ either. Her poignant and gripping story illustrates the power of turning inwards, and how fully facing and feeling your pain can lead you back to your truth, your purpose, and yourself.

In closing.

Stephenie is also the host of the Tales from the Journey podcast. Weekly stories about rising up, coming back, and living our purpose in the aftermath of challenging chapters and big life transitions.

“The secret to making impossible things happen isn’t a secret.

It’s a process.”

Stephanie will be guiding us through her process and purpose. 


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