Sunday Chores!

Are you organized? Do you set goals and then measure them? How ya doing with that? I’ve always liked the idea of getting organized on Sunday.  Since Monday, is trash pick-up, Sunday is the day to purge. Toss that old food that I was sure I would reheat.

Empty those waste baskets, black bin.  Recycle recycle recycle, blue bin. Grass and clippings, green bin.  Out to the curb, check!

I’ve decided to be more purposeful in my time management.  What I’m using that is really holding me in check, is my cell phone timer. Now I’m making a reasonable list, and attaching a block of time to completing the task. Guess what??? It’s working!!

Yard work, 1 hour. Twitter and Facebook, 1 hour. Shop and lunch with friend 2 hours. (I didn’t time us, just allowed sometime together, we ran over, so what!) Iron, 2 hours, while watching TV, which will be later.

Time to write another blog, left over from yesterday, with time to spare!  This is pretty cool. My yard work, ended up being a photo session, does that surprise you?

So follow me, as I take you around the yard today!! Here we go…

Remember “Fraidy Cat” the cat that was adopted by the cat across the street? Here is Simba, his adoptive friend, taking a Cat Nap!

One of the chores in the yard includes dead heading the roses. The rose hip is a bonus.

If you have to spend sometime in the garden, it should smell good. The lavender and roses deliver.

My bougainvillea is out of control; I had to prune back some of the branches.  My mail carrier is getting poked! But, see how there is a branch growing under the step on the porch?  I’m going to see how that turns out.  Might me interesting to see the flowering there.  It’s going to get stepped on, I’m sure.

I know pine cones do not grow in this plant.  I guess one of my squirrels thought it would look nice for the holidays.

Pruning is done, heading to the backyard and what do I see? My birds of course!

Bottoms up!

And on point, the ring neck dove, ready to swoop in for some seed, I’m sure!

Sunday chore days can be so much fun; almost like being suspended in time or in the case of this bougainvillea leaf suspended on a lacey spider web!

On to the ironing, going to skip photos of that!! Timer set. See you next time!