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Mitchell Levy, The AHA Guy and Thought Leader

ThanksMitchell Levy the AHA Guy and Thought Leader for joining me on today’s Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast. Each and every week, I’m excited to share the passions of my guests with you. Today was no exception.

Had you ever heard the term Thought Leader before today? What does that mean?  Insert Recognized Expert. 

Have your pen and paper ready to take notes.

Mitchell’s experience in business has propelled him to speak with authority about today’s business climate and what it takes to become a Thought Leader by being trusted in your business and liked for what you do.

He shared 3 immediate steps that can take you on your path to becoming a Thought Leader. 

Not only is being a Thought Leader an integral part of Mitchell’s professional life, but he is also an acclaimed author of over 50 books and publisher of over 800. If you have ever considered writing a book, or perhaps after listening today, you feel that writing a book is on your horizon, he shared wonderful tips from the idea process to publishing.

I’ve thought about writing a book and after today’s show, I feel encouraged to think that’s a real possibility. I need to find my CPOP. What’s that? You’ll find out when you listen to the show.  Check out Mitchell’s website to learn more about being an author, by answering 4 questions to get you started.

Social Media plays a key role for all of us sharing our own personal story, whether you’re a podcaster like I am or you are an entrepreneur with a start-up business, you need to be discovered by the millions of people that use the internet every day.

I hope you enjoyed the show and feel motivated to become a Thought Leader in your field and an Author of your best selling book.  It’s possible. 

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