The Roch Bordenave Story

Let me first share that Roch is pronounced, Rock!

I can tell you this, he is full of energy and many interests, making him an exciting guest to have on my show.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Roch was influenced by music.  I’m going to find out how that all started including his love of the trombone. You don’t suppose it had anything to do with the Music Man, do you?

  Clever name to grab your attention, wouldn’t you say?

You can imagine the excitement and sound when you see the large ensemble of musicians appearing on stage.  I’ve heard them perform; they “Roch” the house!While being a musician is important to Roch, he also has a long successful career in the world of voice overs. Have you ever wondered why and how someone gets involved in this acting field? You will only have to hear him speak, to understand the power of his voice.

We’ll talk about the day in the life of a voice over actor along with the types of roles he has played.  It’s an interesting occupation I’m looking forward to hearing about.

Roch is also a family man, living not far from the LA Talk Live studio. When he isn’t being a dad and a husband, a musician and a voice over artist, guess where you might find him?

On a Disc Golf course! Yes, that’s correct.  Roch is a member of the Professional Disc Golf Association. Think Frisbee rather than a golf ball.  Think basket rather than a hole.

You are in for a treat as I explore Roch’s world.  Join me on my Born To Talk Radio Show heard and seen Monday, June 27th at 1:00pm PT on or  If you miss the live broadcast, check out my website later in the day under archived radio shows for the link and also on the Born To Talk Radio Show Facebook page.