The South Bay Stories Show

One of the benefits of hosting a weekly internet radio show is the opportunity to showcase what people have passions about. I happen to share the passion of storytelling. I think everyone of us has stories worthy of sharing. Life is full of ups and downs, there is no escaping that, but when you give your story a voice, it allows everyone to take that story ride with you.

Join us on Monday, February 20th starting at 1:00 PT  for your listening and viewing pleasure on or

This week’s show will feature returning guests. Jim Mueller, Jabari Smith and Corbin Jones. When I think about the name of my show, Born To Talk, it sums up how I feel about

Conversations + Connections = Community

I met Jim for lunch a few months ago, we were catching up on our lives. He was in the process of producing this season’s South Bay Stories Show.

I asked him if he had all his storytellers. Turns out he was still looking for a few more. This is where Conversations and Connections comes in.  I suggested Jabari Smith. I connected the two of them. The result…Jabari will be a featured storyteller.

Jabari was on my show last September talking about his life as an athlete and as a newly published author of “Life’s Playbook 11 Play to Success”.  I knew he would be interesting and entertaining because he can draw you in when he speaks.

My next question for Jim was, who was his musical storyteller going to be? You can probably see where this is going.  With none selected at that point, I suggested another former guest, Corbin Jones. Corbin is a multi-talented USC trained musician. The connections continue. Corbin will be playing his stories in between each of the speaking storytellers.I’m looking forward to connecting these wonderful gentlemen on my show. We will be talking about their stories and some of the other featured storytellers for the upcoming show.