The Venice Canals…Venice, California

As we round out the last few days of February, those of us on the West Coast send our friends on the East Coast a sampling of why we enjoy these winter days. Now to be fair, to my friends on that side of the map; when it comes to fall, you have us beat hands down in my opinion.

It isn’t typical that we have 80 degree weather while my friends in New England are buried in 6 feet of snow.  Also, I’ve been back in that part of the country often enough to understand that the changing of the seasons, is just that.  Six foot snow banks one day with 20 inches of ice on the Lake and a few short months later, sunscreen and jet skis.

I had the good fortune of taking a walk with a friend from her house in Venice California to the Venice Canals with a stopover for a great lunch and then on to the Venice Pier, finishing up along the water front to the breakwaters in Marina Del Rey and back to her house. We covered several well worth it miles.

It’s nearly impossible to share all the photos because the opportunities were endless. I’ll share more of my experiences in the next blog.

Right now, with a Song In My Heart…Let’s Get It Started…

And what better way than witnessing another song in action…Make New Friends.We were still on the property of my friends Condo; about to leave for the Venice Canals, when up in the sky…Was it a bird?  A plane?  No, it wasn’t superman. It was a group of wild loud parrots that had come in for a landing on the telephone wires. They seemed very pleased with their acrobatic abilities.

It wasn’t until about 20 years ago, that I learned about the Venice Canals, built in 1905 by developer Abbott Kinney. Some of the bridges that cover the canal are for foot traffic only while others can provide access for cars.

Over the years this area has seen many changes. From small little bungalows that still exist; to large expansive homes that face the water ways, and everything in between.

I picked up a rental advertisement just to give you a sense of the cost to live in Canals. From a 1 bedroom, 1 bath for $2,650 a month; to a luxurious 4 bedrooms, 3 1/2 bath for $8,500 a month.  Let me know if you’d like to move to that one, I’d love to come over for a visit!

These are just some examples of the homes along the canals.Yard art!! I’m thinking this house should be mine!! Plates, birds and squirrels!!Now it’s time for some lunch at C & O Trattoria. This is what I had. Pappardelle Pasta with Mushrooms and Chicken Apple Sausage. The garlic rolls, which are constantly being placed hot on the table; are at the top of my plate.We’re having an enjoyable lunch, but I can easily be distracted, ask anyone that knows me.  There was this loud racket going on behind me just inside the restaurant facing the sidewalk. It got my attention.  The next thing my friend noticed was me grabbing my camera mid-conversation and bolting to catch these shots!

I learned this gentleman brings his Hyacinth Macaw on regular visits, probably for everyone’s enjoyment including the restaurant.  He drew a crowd as his bird was listening to Roxanne, on his iTunes and moving to the beat.  For you UCLA or University of Michigan alums, you can see that perhaps this bird might make for an interesting mascot!I’ll finish this edition with some of the plants on the way to the beach.It’s Bittersweet to bring this to an end. But, wait until you see the ocean sights next time!!!Here’s a sneak peak.