Time To Eat and Shop in Athens

Of course, Athens has incredible history and I will cover that, but right now I’m hungry, so let’s eat and do a little shopping!  Turkey adheres to pork free dining. When we arrived in Greece, imagine how happy those of us that love bacon, were to see bacon on the menu!! Oh yes, they had olives too!!!Next day, I added a couple of apricots!!! And yes, that’s ham in that omelette!If bacon is yummy by itself, imagine how good it is between a sweet dessert!Let’s have some more salt with cured meats and cheese for dinner appetizers and a bottle of wine!Our favorite wine was a 2014 Gold Medal Winner.Not every meal was all about the salt!  We had such a nice lunch at Eyxapiz or Efcharis or Efxaris…you pick the spelling, adds to the charm!!  It started with a lovely place mat that I was hoping not to destroy, no such luck.Sangria and Bologneze (their spelling!) It was delicious!!I can’t even remember what these were now…but who can resist anything with powdered sugar?  Are you wondering how much weight I gained???  The answer….NONE!!!As for the shopping, we did have a good time as well. Much like going to Athens and seeing the Acropolis you also need sometime in the Plaka.I thought about this necklace and then I realized I didn’t have anything to wear it with, so I skipped it, yes this was the real deal!!By far my favorite store was Koph. It’s an arts and crafts collection from many artisans. Just stepping inside was a treat.  The people that work there are fantastic. Too bad about the reflection, wish you could see the door handle a little better.

It was so hard to decide what to buy, I wanted everything. Ultimately I chose the “Bird” by ceramicist Marinoglou.  The technique of the bird is called Raku; a traditional Japanese process.  The fired piece is removed from the hot kiln and is allowed to cool in the open air.  While the bird is cooling it causes a reaction creating colors and patterns in the pottery’s surface.  I also want to give them credit for the excellent wrapping!  It arrived from Athens to my house in perfect condition!These boots are made for walking, and that’s just what I’ll do. No silly, these are not my boots, I’d break my neck walking around in these!!Next time, Graffiti Art, just like the cats and dogs in Turkey, Graffiti Art is everywhere.