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Joining me on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast from 1-2 PT on January 17th, is Tom Dozier, President of the Misophonia Institute.


Tom Dozier, MS, BCBA, is a behaviorist who has researched and provided treatment for misophonia as a reflex behavior condition since 2012. He is a pioneer in misophonia research.  Tom is constantly researching new treatment techniques while enhancing existing ones. His previous experience as a parent coach equipped him to train and teach.

What is Misophonia?

Misophonia is a condition where a person has a severe sensitivity to specific soft sounds and visual images.  When a person hears the sounds, they have a very strong emotional reaction.  It could be hate, anger, anxiety, rage, resentment, and physiological distress.  It is often reported that they feel the person is intentionally making the sound. When they are calm and away from the sound, they usually acknowledge that the conclusion at that time was not accurate.

A person experiencing misophonia generally has excellent hearing. It is not a sensitivity to the volume of sound, but an emotional and physiological reaction to specific sounds.

Misophonia  Institute.


The Misophonia Institute is a 501C3 nonprofit.  They promote awareness of misophonia and provide helpful information to individuals, and the collaboration of interested professionals.



Their mission is to provide reliable information about misophonia to individuals and families who are struggling with misophonia.  This includes an understanding of misophonia.  There are techniques to manage the condition for both the individual with misophonia and families and others who are impacted.

The second mission of the Misophonia Institute is to promote research and collaboration of treatment professionals to enhance both their understanding and treatment of misophonia.  The Misophonia Institute accepts the validity of all forms of treatment of misophonia that can be shown to be beneficial.  They follow this principle, “First, do not harm.”

Misophonia Treatment Institute.

The Misophonia Treatment Institute is a virtual institution.  It is comprised of many misophonia treatment providers around the world. They apply varied disciplines to help those with misophonia. Their services include assessments, diagnosis, causes, therapists, and treatments.

Tom has focused on developing behavioral treatments such as Relaxation and Counterconditioning Therapy (RCT) and the Neural Repatterning Technique (NRT). The Treatment Institute recognizes that there are several forms of misophonia treatment that have been effective for individuals. You can read more about this on their website.



Tom is the author of “Understanding and Overcoming Misophonia.” His research indicates misophonia includes both physical and emotional reflexes and explains how misophonia develops and often progresses with time.






In Closing.

Perhaps, this is the first time you’ve heard of misophonia.  However, as you learn more about this you may discover someone you know may be suffering from these same experiences.

Tune in for this informative podcast.

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