Monica Main, Author & Entrepeneur

Monica Main was my guest on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast.

In the Beginning.

When Monica was 9 years she was going through the books in her grandpa’s closet. The book that caught her eye, by the title was Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill.  She was enamored by the title. Little did she know at that young age what part that book would play in her adolescence and adult life.

Monica wasn’t the typical high school student. She took a California High School Proficiency exam that allowed her to go to Jr. College at the age of 16. Her interest was being an entrepreneur.  It was a very disappointing experience. However, it didn’t dissuade her toward reaching her goals of earning both a Bachelors’s and Master’s degrees.  Fast forward, today Monica is a self-made millionaire. How did she do it?

Monica’s Journey.

Monica takes us on her journey of discovery. She became very familiar with the other books authored by Napoleon Hill, including The Law of Success and Outwitting the Devil. She tells us how she learned about the 2 missing chapters from Think and Grow Rich, it is an intriguing story of happenstance.  One could also say, that it was also part of the universe working in her alignment.

Just Released.

The Lost Secret 

Unlocking the Hidden Chapters of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich 

This book is full of gems and appliable steps for success.  One such page is a step by step thirty-day plan.

Here is  Monica’s secret!

“The secret to getting anything and everything you want in life comes down to ONE THING ONLY: Raising your vibrational energy.  This is the secret that was in the final lost chapter of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich.  Now, you may not know what it means to raise your vibrational energy.  Just think of it like this:  High Vibes = Cloud 9.  Certainly, you know what it feels like to be in love, right?”

“That’s simply vibrating at a high level of energy.  And the more you vibe at this level, the more you’ll attract all the other things that vibe at that same level which is all the ‘good stuff’ such as abundance, resources, the perfect relationship, ‘lucky’ happenings, etc.  All that ‘lucky good stuff’ is ONLY found by you meeting it at a high level of vibration.”

“So, how do you get to this high level of vibration?  Well, this is the tricky part.  I do give several examples in my book The Lost Secret on how to do this.  But one very simple way is to do deep breathing exercises each morning while closing your eyes.  Breathe deeply and slowly for a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes each morning before starting your day.  Ideally, you’ll keep doing this breathing exercise until you feel this ‘high-as-a-kite’ sense in your body and soul.  This is when you know you’ve been successful in reaching what I call ‘The Zone.’ ”

“It is while you’re in this high vibrational feeling state is when you can begin concentrating on your desires or intents for the day while having a sense that you ‘just know’ it’ll unfold or manifest for you without a single ounce of doubt.  And then let it go, letting the Universe do its work for you.  This is the SECRET behind getting anything and everything you want.  Try it.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to manifest ALL of your desires.”

There is always a take away from each show, today’s show is no exception!

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