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Are You a Driver or a Passenger?

Most of us fit more comfortably in the car as the driver or the passenger. I can remember how important it was to get a driver’s license in high school. Many of my friends started driving the day they turned 16. That Drivers Ed. class was the all important component to a reduce car insurance rate. Our class was conducted in a trailer with simulations of driving along with rules of the road.

Who even knows how I did in that class? I was probably too busy talking to someone. Plus there was no any way I was getting my license at 16; there wasn’t a car available for me to drive. Still lots of kids didn’t have an easily accessible car, but it didn’t stop them from getting their license anyway.

When I finally got my license, I was 18. I had a job at the local bank and needed to get myself there. My first car was a white Rambler from the 1950’s. My Uncle Harv was a car salesman and assured my parents that it was a reliable car. I looked like a dork, but it didn’t matter. Today it would be considered a classic.

All of my habits in those days were not necessarily healthy. I smoked. Okay, I don’t smoke any longer, but I was so cool. The radio was on KRLA, I was smoking a Tareyton and some car came out of the middle of nowhere. Really, how did I hit you? All I was doing was changing the radio station. Well, I should have realized right then, if someone else would kindly drive, I could be cool without being responsible for this dangerous machine.


What did you smoke in those days? And no, those are not my keys, but that is that push button radio that got me into trouble.


Do you remember the lyrics to all those songs? Me too!

Fast forward many decades later and sure enough, I could still happily be a passenger. Now, there are times when even I have to drive to get to that special sale or get to the Staples Center for a Clippers or Sparks game. I can do it…but…given the choice, I will happily be your passenger.