Bobbie Casalino-Lewis

Today’s Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast, featured my guest, Style MotivatorBobbie Casalino-Lewis.  Bobbie is the creator of Fashionably Wealthy.  Our show is about Style and Fashion. Do you dress for the day you want? Maybe you’ve never asked yourself that question. You’re in for a treat, because Bobbie is sharing some great ideas about how to Live Your Style.

Bobbie’s Basics.

The difference between Fashion and StyleFashion is what you wear.  Style is how you wear it.  It is your wordless introduction.  And, it’s personal. Dress for the day you want by being alert, true, and attentive to achieve the results you want.

Her 3 Pillars of Style.

Color.  Color has a tremendous impact on how we dress. If we choose colors that enhance our skin tone, eye color, and hair color it lifts us upwards with vitality.

Proportion. Understanding your body type will affect your style. She mentioned the 2/3 vs 1/3 rule. By considering your height, a taller person may put the same outfit on as a shorter person, but the outcome would be entirely different. Same for jewelry. Don’t overpower yourself or understate yourself, rather, play up your assets.

Fit.  She highly recommends working with a tailor. Invite that person, (when we can) to come and see your clothes. A simple adjustment to any garment can make all the difference. Even, if the size is right, making adjustments can change the entire look of a garment, breathing new life into your wardrobe.

Your Closet.

Here are the fundamental takeaways. 

  1. Good lighting. Whether you have a walk-in closet or not, lighting will help you see what you’ve got in an instant.
  2. Get a skinny mirror. Bobbie recommends one that 3 1/2 feet tall and 10 inches wide.
  3. Use one style of hangers.

Now what?

Rather than emptying out your entire closet on your bed, consider buying a rolling rack. Assemble your clothes there. Go through each garment and decide what stays and what leaves. If it’s dusty, toss it, you haven’t worn it for too long.  Separate the seasonal clothes, if you have the closet space to do so. As you sort, if something brings up a memory you’d prefer not to remember, remove it. Clothes are supposed to make us feel happy, comfortable, and confident.

To Learn More.

Check out her Personal Styling Services Page.

Rescue Your Wardrobe.  Shop Your Closet.  Fashion Your Life.  Group Fashion.

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Keep this in mind from Bobbie:

“Your clothes speak for YOU!  Not your friends. Not your co-workers. YOU!   Refine your personal dress code.  Own it, it’s yours.  It must be confident, unique, and comfortable for YOU!  Wealthy people use their assets and we can all use our wardrobe assets to be wealthy in style!”

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