Born To Talk Radio Show Featuring Paws-To-Share

Join me for another episode of the Born To Talk Radio Show heard every Monday at 1:00PT.  My guests this week are Jaime Goldfarb and his daughter Ariana Abend-Goldfarb.  They are the co-founders of Paws-To-Share.

Paws-to-Share is on a mission with amazing goals; to bring love to those who need it, one paw at a time.  They have the chance to make people’s days a bit brighter, offer loving and mutually beneficial relationships between people and pets, and most of all, make life a little more-furry, and a lot less lonely.

As much as we love animals, not everyone can have them as pets. Some people live in college dorms, senior homes, and tiny apartments, not to mention the financial responsibility of owning a pet. Paws-to-Share brings the love of a pet to you.

Their clients can schedule a visit with an animal, and a certified pet and handler. They will come to you. Whether they meet you at your apartment, or go to the park for a walk, their goal is to make the experience positive for everyone. Most importantly, they ensure that their animals are happy and healthy. Not all animals are right for what they do…they have to love people, be comfortable traveling, and have a great personality!

They will help people find the animal just right for them: cat or dog, big or small, active or calm. You can schedule visits up to a few times a week, but they make sure not to overwork our animals and handlers. Over time, you’ll develop a loving relationship and a new best friend.

We will be talking how this organization got started and sharing stories about the impact our furry friends have in our lives! Are you missing the company of a four-legged buddy? Tune in to hear what Paws-To-Share is doing to make a difference for the pets and the people they visit.

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