Camera Time…

It’s been a while since I just posted a Blog, about my leisure time. For me, that means taking my camera for a walk.  Let’s be clear, I am an amateur photographer. But that doesn’t stop me from always being camera-ready especially outdoors. Let’s let the camera do the talking today.

While there is no getting ’round that I was Born To Talk…this is going to be more about what I like to “shoot” as opposed to what I like to “say.”


From Fisherman’s Village in Marina Del Rey, California.

My Playa Venice Sunrise Rotary meets here every Wednesday for a breakfast meeting.  We have a fabulous group of members, many of whom have been guests on my show.  When the meeting is over, I head out to see who’s showing up on the docks…and here they are:







I’ve been coming to Fisherman’s Village for years. Nearly 50 years ago, I had my bridal shower at the once known Pieces of Eight Resturant. Now it is Whiskey Red’s, the location of our weekly Rotary meeting.

I’d like to know.

Do you take your camera for a walk?  Where do you like to go? Are you strictly a phone photographer? Do you have more than one camera?   Me?  Sure, I use my phone. Nope, I’m not a Cannon or a Nikon user. I have two Panasonic cameras and enjoy both of them.

That’s My Story!  What’s Yours?

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