John Mews, Music Therapy

I believe in music as so does my guest John Mews. John will be joining me on my Born ToTalk Radio Show Podcast on Monday, November 18th from 1-2PT.

Meet John Mews.




John Mews is the Founder of Mewsic Moves.  He is a trained Music Therapist, Neurologic Music Therapist, Special Needs Family, and Parenting Coach as well as an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist.


What is Music Therapy?

Music therapy is an evidence-based creative arts therapy method that focuses on the intricate rhythmic and vocal aspects of music to improve mental and functional health. The art of music therapy is practiced by few, but world-renown for its ability to soothe, cultivate, and transform the lives of those who need additional help in daily functions. This is especially successful for children as music is proven to speak to the minds of our young ones way before we can.


John’s Passions.

John will be sharing his story.  Why did he get into music therapy?  How does music therapy differ from neurologic music therapy or music lessons?

I encourage you to visit John’s page and scroll down and listen to his voice as he sings One Small Voice.

One other passion of John is his Glee Choir.

Music Surrounds John, whether he is providing therapy, writing music, or singing in a choir. He will lift your spirits because he lives his music. It’s easy to see how he impacts the lives of his clients and their families.

Listen in to hear more about John! He believes in Mewsic!

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