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Dr. John Poothullil & Dr. Peter Phillips

Join me on Monday, September 21st from 1-2 PT on my Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast.  My guests will be, Dr. John Poothullil and Dr. Peter Phillips.

Meet the Doctors!


Dr. John, as he is affectionately known, will be joining me once again.  Dr. John is a retired Pediatrician and Allergist with over 30 years of experience.  He is also studied Immunology.  As an advocate for public health,  Dr. John has devoted 20 years to studying diabetes and cancer. He has written 4 books. The latest is “When Your Child Has Cancer”  Insights and Information to Empower Parents.






Dr. Peter Phillips, is a Pediatric Oncologist based at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  He is also, Professor of Pediatrics, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.







What brought these two men together?  Their mutual understanding of childhood cancer. Here is some information you may not know:

Did you know?

The average age of an adult with cancer is about 60 years old.  This age is thought to be the time needed for an adult to accumulate enough mutations to possibly cause cancer.   Cancer occurs when a genetic mutation causes the cell to divide and divide without stopping. However, the average age of a child with cancer is just  6 years old.  This suggests that childhood cancer might have a different cause.  Children have not lived long enough to accumulate cancer-causing mutations.  Sadly, despite numerous advances in research and treatment, the number of childhood cancer has not declined in the past 20 years. Why?

Some takeaways.

What should a parent’s role be for a child who is living with cancer?

How does diet contribute to managing and possibly eliminating cancer?

What foods should be avoided?

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