Kris Fuller

Thank you Kris Fuller for joining me on my Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast.  Kris is the CEO & Founder of Your Life Sparkles. Kris wears many hats, as you will hear about on today’s show.  One of those hats includes being the Chief Creative Officer for the Best Ever You Network.  Do you ever find yourself in a conversation with someone that might just change the lane your traveling in?  It helps if you are facing in the same direction, but the destination may be different.  Just a form of travel…plane, train, automobile…you will get there, but what will be your experience upon arrival? Maybe you’re still on the road.

Thanks to Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino, she became a partner in Kris Fuller’s travels.  The universe was speaking loud and clear when they met on social media. Now, they have written books together and support each other. Distance is not an issue. East coast of Maine, West coast of Canada.  It just doesn’t matter. Remarkable women, being the Best Ever You!

Your Life Sparkles.

Kris takes us on her personal journey starting her own business. Kris’s mom was her inspiration. To hear her speak about her, you will gather that they have similar values.  Their goal was to become a mother/daughter duo and be public speakers about love, joy, and compassion. Sadly, Kris’s mom passed away in 2018. What you will learn about Kris, is she is resilient.  Those seeds that were nurtured from birth remain and Kris knew that she would carry on the torch.

Life can get bumpy. Potholes and detours can alter our direction.  Kris lost the love of her life when her husband Ben passed away recently. Their love was magical.  How did she lift herself up to continue to Sparkle?  Kris is a gifted writer. She wanted to support other women finding themselves in similar situations. That was the beginning of her Cancer Wife Ninja Blog.  Kris shares what the road has been like for her.

The Dynamic Duo.

Step aside, Batman and Robin, there’s a new team in town!  Elizabeth and Kris have put together a Book/Journal.

Best Ever You   52 week Journal to Your Bravest, Boldest You.

Take your time, it’s not a race. The journey into discovering yourself starts, when you’re ready. Together, they have included 6 Best Ever You Principles. The Core of You.  The Art of You.  The Heart of You.  The Humanity of You. The Sport of You.  And, The Spirit of You. I love this journal!



Now they have launched a children’s book series “Pinky Doodle Bug & Friends” about kids working with each other to all be their best! Encouraging collaboration and creativity with adventure, Pinky Doodle Bug, the first book in the series, is set to release on October 15th.  On September 15th it will be available to pre-order.  The authors have launched a coloring contest for all ages. The contest details can be downloaded to color. They are available here:



In Closing.

I want to mention just one more snippet of kindness!  Kris mentions supporting Best Ever You and Your Life Sparkles by inspiring and lifting others up with kindness.

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In closing, I want to take a moment to acknowledge the true essence of why I do this each week. My 3 C’s.

Conversations + Connections = Community

What’s Your Story?

Thank you for being my guest on June 1st Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino and for widening my circle of friends.

  Sally Huss on August 3rd.   Jennie Lee on Sept 7th.  Kris Fuller this week. And, Deb Landry coming up on November 7th.

Kris’s message to us…

“Laugh too loud, hug too much, and love too big…that’s how I do it.”

We all have a Story.  What’s Yours?

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