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Elizabeth used to be a garden designer before she started her interior design consulting career. Before that, she was in the fashion industry. She always wanted to be a fashion designer! But she never made it past the corporate side. That never discouraged her passion for fashion.

It was never her dream to become a writer. But as an avid reader, she wasn’t finding books that satisfied her. So, as any good sales and marketing person would do–the practical, business side of herself, she saw a niche, an unfulfilled gap in the market, and wanted to fill it using her creative and artistic side.

Elizabeth write stories mainly about women and the unique role they play in the world that they live in. Her stories are a homage to the strength and capabilities that women have to touch people’s lives. She wants to show empowerment in the face of all one might encounter.  As well as, the betterment of the experiences that make one’s life valuable. By doing so, Elizabeth wants to honor the souls beneath each character, and show the development and growth that is possible in the journey of making them human, and uniquely female.

In her book, Finding Jane, she thought of it as her soup pot.  She was able to combine all the things she loves. That includes fashion, furniture, and flowers. Subsequently, turning those loves into a beautiful, bountiful, hearty stew for the soul. As one reader described her book, “I felt like I was there, touching the details of the dresses, or smelling the sweet scents of the garden.”

Elizabeth’s Takeaways:

“I am taking what I love about 19th-century literature and bringing it to the 21st-century reader!  With that intention, I also have a goal–to create beauty for the mind

The world is dark, empty, fearful. It seems we are in the dark ages of our time. However, it was the arts that brought us out of previous dark ages. It took beauty and enlightenment, to lift our human spirit and inspire our imaginations. I am no Michelangelo, but I am a writer with a purpose as grand–to bring beauty into the world. When I say beauty, I don’t mean pretty or attractive, happy or cheerful. I mean the ethereal quality of beauty: a combination of qualities that pleases the intellect or moral sense. I want to uplift the mind, the soul, the inner part of humanity, and inspire how one chooses to view the world. Connecting to the imagination, escaping into the creative to stimulate the emotions positively, connects us to our humanness. That is beauty to me, and what I hope I bring to the writing world, and to readers.”

Tune in to hear her story about why she has chosen to bring 19th-century writing to the 21st-century reader.

Watch for her book to release very soon!

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