Emily Bergren

Emily Bergren will be my guest on the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast on November 21st  from 1-2PT.

Meet Emily.

Emily has been writing since she was very young.  Her first creations were picture books hand drawn by her when she was about four years old.  Currently, Emily is a college student studying history in Minnesota. She loves writing stories for young audiences, especially tweens and teens.  Her first book, Memory Lane Was Moved, was released in August 2020. The following year she published her next book, The Journal is Important, and most recently her third book, The Rookie Has a Mission.

Emily is also a theatre director for a children’s theatre company in Minnesota. She has forty students right now. Emily also performs!  Her most recent roles in musical theatre were Grace and Sandy (the dog) in Annie! Other past productions she’s been in were Seussical and Sleeping Beauty.

Here is a synopsis of her 3 books:

The Memory Lane Series.

Book 1. The Memory Lane Was Moved.


Eleven-year-old Travis remembers escaping from the Child’s Rescue Agency.  And that’s all he remembers.  Suffering from retrograde amnesia, Travis sets out to uncover his past. Unaware of the fact that he is being tracked down.  He teams up with Sadie and her older brother, Robert, to discover more about his memory loss. When a man named Larry climbs in through the top-story window claiming to have known Travis all his life, Travis sees a chance to find his parents. And he takes it. But little does he know that he is jumping headfirst into an adventure to protect national security from a product known only as HANDSHAKE.



Book 2.  The Journal is Important. 



When Travis, an eleven-year-old with amnesia, recognizes a man from the park, he is faced with an urgent decision. The man introduces himself as Fletcher, one of Travis’ oldest friends, and reveals some exciting news: Travis’ parents have been spotted nearby. All Travis has to do is help Fletcher formulate a plan to coax them out of hiding, and they will be reunited.




Book 3.  The Rookie Has a Mission.



When Lewis’ friend Travis is relocated, Lewis tries to live a normal life without dangerous missions and car chases. Larry, the head of a top-secret organization, is reluctant to let Lewis help much. But when the one assignment Larry gives him goes wrong, Lewis is pitted against a dangerous man named North. Without Larry to guide him, Lewis is suddenly put into a position of authority over Larry’s agents.



In Closing.

This podcast will take us on Emily’s writing journey.  It will include her writing process, overcoming writer’s block, and advice for new writers. Plus, her experiences as a musical theatre director and performer. Check out her YouTube for Writing Help.

Tune in to hear her story!


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