Kristin DeCou

On the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast, my guest featured Kristin DeCou the Founder of Modern Refresh and a Certified KonMari Consultant. Kristin shares her story about…”Spark the Joy!” in her professional and personal life.

Background on Marie Kondo.

Who is Marie Kondo? Marie began her tidying consultant business as a 19-year-old university student in Tokyo in 2014. Today, Marie is a renowned tidying expert helping people around the world to transform their cluttered homes into spaces of serenity and inspiration. Her book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” became a New York Times # 1 Bestseller.  In her book, she sets principles in place in her method of organizing.

Kristin’s Modern Refresh Approach.

As a KonMari Consultant, Kristin has taken those principles and her experience to start her own business. She said, “You are the gatekeeper. You’ll take a personal journey.” She’s there to help.

Kristin helps you visualize your ideal lifestyle using all 5 senses. To help you get started she will ask you some questions to consider. What goals do you want to achieve? How do you spend your time? Learn how to create an environment, by starting small. Think of the following categories: clothing, books, paper, misc. items, and sentimental items,  such as photos.

This may be easier said than done. Kristin recommends tidying by categories not location. Tackle the easy ones first. Think about what you want to keep, rather than what you want to get rid of. Understanding that emotions and memories are tied up in these decision making processes. She said it’s a mindset, to create space so you can invite in what you really like.

Having a vision helps us all reach our goals. She recommends having an “anchor” something visual that serves as a reminder. Clutter causes stress and anxiety, with that in mind, think about the transformation possible when you begin this process. For many, it is an emotional process, but the results provide a lighter both physically but equally important, a mental sense of well-being.


If the organizations you currently donate to, are no longer accepting donations at this time, don’t let that stop you. Make some space to store those items you no longer want in an organized fashion.  When your favorite charities re-open, they will gladly accept those items that no longer “Spark the Joy!” The job is done!


When asked, how Kristin balances her life as a wife, mother, and business owner, it was a simple answer. She said she has “be” time.” Make no mistake, not “me” time.”  Her “be” time” means that it is her time to just “be.” Maybe it’s a quiet time with a cup of coffee in the morning, her favorite music, a hike, or connecting with friends.

I hope as you visualize your ideal lifestyle, these tips and suggestions will help you lighten your load, too! I know I am motivated to get started right now! I’m coming after you.  Get ready clothes, …books, you’re up next…papers and things where did you all come from? Sentimental, you may be the hardest, perhaps I’ll need some help with that. Just who is in those photos?

We don’t have to finish this “yesterday” but we won’t finish it “tomorrow” if we don’t start “today!”

Check out Kristin’s website to begin your journey to Uplift Your Space.

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