Mark Slavkin, Elaine Hall and Rachael & Coby Bird

The show on July 18th, is going to be special in many ways. My guests include my friend, Mark Slavkin, Director of Education for The Wallis. You might remember him; he was with me last year.

Elaine Hall is a remarkable woman on so many levels. Wife, mother, advocate, media personality, playwright, author and most importantly passionate about autism.

I know there is much for me to learn about autism. Elaine has devoted herself to helping young and old who are autistic. Did you know that one in 68 kids are impacted with autism?

Elaine started a remarkable project in 2004 to help kids with autism and all abilities by providing an opportunity to be actors through theater and music.  Coach E as she is known, directs original musicals for kids that want to have a voice. Not just speaking but singing as well.

We are all aware of the crisis of bullies in today’s society.  The Intimidation Game performed this past May at the Wallis, is an anti-bullying musical featuring teens and young adults with and without autism. The inspiration comes from personal stories of the actors and shows the challenges facing a new student in high school.

Who better to talk about this then Coby Bird one of the stars in the show, sitting on the far right of this photo. Wait until you meet him along with his mom, Rachael.

If there was ever a time for understanding, this is the moment.  Hear my guests share their personal experiences.

Let’s focus on the positive. Let’s be respectable, understanding, compassionate and tolerant by following the lead of these wonderful guests. The Beatles sing it well…

“All You Need is Love,” you will hear that along with an original tune from the show, “First Day of School,” performed by Coby along and the cast.

Are you interested in learning more about my guests? Here are some websites for you to check out.

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