Author, Michael Levy

Thank you, Michael Levy, for joining me once again on my Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast. I always learn so much from you.

As you listen to Michael’s story, it will become evident that his philosophy on life can be adapted to anyone that is interested in stepping into that self-awareness journey. As an example, Michaels talks about the labels we use to describe ourselves, and within each label is a role play.  Those role players in each of our lives live inside our memories.  They fuel our thinking.  He referred to them as PITSPerceptions, Ideas, Thoughts, and Solutions.

His key is to live in a joyful state of mind. “Eliminate your belief of fear, it’s just an illusion. Instead, live what you are. Kind, generous, and grateful.”

Michael talks about what we are and we are not. Get your pen and paper ready!



A few Quotes from Cutting Truths

“Before anyone can genuinely change their mind they need to get to grips with the chooser of their choices.”

“The best way to get rid of inner pests is to spray them with truthful philosophy… It never flunks the test of time and passes every exam of life with honors.”

“One candle can light many however its illumination cannot flame on any other candle. Likewise, our joy can light up the world but cannot shine from anyone else’s mind.”

From Michael’s book Cutting Truths.  Open your heart and ears as he reads his poem. He said, “It’s more about living in a sacred space.”

Alone in a Sacred Space.

“In the spirit compass of creation resides the 361 degree of truth, latitudes of now… longitudes of here, I know not where I am; yet, feel warm n secure in soul comfort, alone in a sacred place, a deep sense of nothingness probes deeper n deeper, free of body and mind I float in unceasing circles of divine bliss, waves of unfathomable joy-filled solitude wash over the essence of my
being, mesmerizing images cultivate white love lights of devotion, inner n outer fields of inspiration encourage tones n filters of magical beauty, this is a mystical wonderland, open all hours, within infinite array’s of splendor.”

If you are interested in his poetry, check out this book.

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“In life, there is only one demon to master and it does not live outside our thoughts.”

“Stress is a Mental State of Mind_ So Why Not Pack The Bags and Move to a New State.”

In closing, look at the word JOY…Micheal uses it to leave us with this message. Just Obey Yourself.

Enjoy this thought-provoking show.  And ask yourself, do you choose your thoughts or do your thoughts choose you?

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