My Year In Review, Part 3

I am continuing to take a look back at this most amazing year as a weekly novice internet radio show host on  The variety of my guests, were so interesting. Including, the basketball players from the Pasadena Senior Women’s Basketball League.  They were full of energy and enthusiasm for the sport and are accomplished athletes!

Thanks Marilyn Thompkins, Lorri Zuczek, Penny Moore and Suzanne Dickson. next guests represented a great nonprofit here in my community of Westchester. Carol Kitabayashi is the Executive Director and Alison Whitaker, is a board member of the Westchester Playa Village.  They shared how their organization helps the seniors that need a bit of help while they remain living in their homes.  Sometimes a simple request of a ride to the hair dresser or getting on a ladder to change a light bulb is more than some can do.  That’s where this organization jumps into action with their volunteer force to do those things that make life a little easier for the members of the Westchester Playa Village.

I had a second abbreviated show that day with author and founder of The Creative Fitness Center, Whitney Ferre.  She explained about how art can strengthen our creative abilities and turn them into realities.  The name of her book is The Artist Within…A Guide to Becoming Creatively Fit.’m seeing a trend of exceptional women. My next guests Treena Hall and Alison Joseph were inspiring as we discussed the sobering condition of anorexia.  Treena started a nonprofit, Raise Your Wings to help people fight this eating disorder through Equine Assisted Living. Hearing their stories and learning about Treena’s horse Gracie was very informative and hopeful. Now I don’t want you to think I don’t enjoy having men on my show, because I can tell you David Blu was all about basketball from high school to college and the pros.  I’ve known David since he played on the State Championship Westchester High School Basketball team. I followed his progress to USC and then lost contact with him when he played in Israel for the Tel Aviv champion Maccabi team.

We had a great time talking about basketball including his induction in the Maccabi Hall of Fame. Most importantly he is husband and father of two. You can’t miss him around the neighborhood…all 6’7″ Yes, I’m really that short!

My next guests were from Carousel School. Maria Davis is the Founder and Executive Director and her daughter Gina Prato is the VP of Operations. These dynamic duos run an outstanding school, meeting the needs of infants through adults with special needs. The have an early intervention program and a full inclusion program.  This highly respected school draws in families from all over the city by providing before and after school care, summer camps and adult day care. up was Julie Mains, Esq.  Julie is actively involved in the Monarch Chapter of National Charity League. This is a mother daughter organization with the emphasis on philanthropic ideals.  She and her daughters work together to assist other nonprofits by providing hands on fundraising support; a win win opportunity.

What came next was the Epic Road Show broadcasting from Seattle, Washington with my friends from elementary school. We all met in the 5th grade at 98th Street School and continued through junior high and high school together. There were gaps in our time together after school.  Marriages, divorces, children, moves, but what is a constant and what we appreciate about each other is our youth and the wonderful memories of those days. When we were in school the popular way to describe the very best was the word “bitchen” and that’s just what our show was!  Janet Hanson Stephenson is in green. Linda LeRoy Nelson is on the other side of me.  We thought we were so cool!!!

I think about my good fortune and how grateful I am for all of these wonderful guests. I hope you have enjoyed the shows. Next week, I’ll finish unwrapping the bountiful presents of wonderful people that I have had the pleasure of talking with over this past year.