My Year In Review, Part 4

Here is the final installment of My Year in Review. Meet the remarkable Claire Austin. What makes her so special is how she combines her love of books along with the research of making books available specifically for very ill children.  Her charity, provides free books to the patients at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. These carefully selected books really help not only the child that is sick but also their family members, that also receive free books.  There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer to read to the kids and support the library. New books are always welcomed. Claire is truly a giving person. glitches happen; such was the case when my new friend Myrlene Chapman filled in for a guest that had a date conflict at the last minute.  Myrlene is every nonprofit’s dream member. She is an advocate for NAMI, This National Alliance on Mental Illness helps people that may have found themselves in abusive relationships and gives them a life line to recovery. She also supports Tender Touch Ministries this organization helps returning Veterans, many of which are sick and homeless. She is a real gem. next guest was Dr. Kathy Lee.  Dr. Lee is a dermatologist at Halcyon Dermatology in Orange Country, CA. She has taken her skills and interests in helping children through adults not only in her regular practice but in the charity she founded, En Plein Air. People that have suffered scaring from cancer treatments or surgical procedures are helped through the laser treatments she provides at low cost for those who qualify. She is an angel to so many people that have benefited by her generosity. Women making a difference continued to be my guests.  That week was no different. Monica Kahn has been active in my community for a very long time.  She understands the needs of women that are coping with hair loss due to illness, in most cases cancer. She founded Helen’s Room, a nonprofit that provides wigs free of charge for anyone that needs that help.  They simply contact Monica for an appointment and she makes it happen. She also has resources that support the women emotionally. Each week, the generosity of my guests leaves me feeling so inspired. Murphy understands why health is so important from her own personal experiences.  She was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 40 and helps others that also have Diabetes through her fitness programs and online blog regarding health, wellness and fitness.  I had the opportunity to take a class with her.  She is upbeat and provides just the right support for anyone looking to improve their health and reduce their stress.! What a great way to start the New Year. Check out her January challenge.’t think I have a ban on men making a difference, because my next guests Scott Tanner, President of Food Pantry LAX and Bruce Rankin, Exec. Director of the Westside Food Bank, clearly represent how they are making a difference in the fight against hunger.  Both of these men bring leadership and passion to making food available for those in need. If you want to volunteer in your community, I am sure there are opportunities for you to make a difference as well. To reach the Westside Food Bank Follow the link to watch the show. Now it’s time for some music fun! If you have watched any of my shows you know that music is a very important part of each show.  I select the music, often times with the help of my guests. I’ve acquired many new songs and have become familiar with many new groups because of the wide interests of my guests.  I listen to Classic Rock on the radio. My go to station for that music is and Mimi Chen is my weekend DJ in the mornings.  I loved having Mimi on the show. She knows a lot about music and the entertainment world. Not only do I love music, but I also love sports. I met my match with the knowledge and enthusiastic guest; Shereen Rayan Lavi. She is a professional fan!!  She is an editor and writer for a daily blog, fansided zonazealots  She covers every sport related to the University of Arizona and she also writes a weekly blog about the LA Lakers on She is so knowledgeable about sports that she has appeared on the #SportsLoungeLive Show from the studio of #LATalkLive, the home for my show. Way to go Shereen! a mentioned my love of travel?  Why yes, I’ve had the great fortune of traveling all over the world and so has my next guest, Gisel Nachtigal.  She is a professional event planner from a small group of 6 to 1.000’s at the Olympics, Gisel knows logistics! She is the owner of her company #Eventastic provided tons of travel tips from how to pack to how to stay healthy. We had a great time together. I can’t wait to implement her ideas! week, I switched it up and brought in Ernest Johnson, advisor to the Westchester Youth and Government Program at the Westchester Family YMCA and 5 of the members of that program. They represented 3 schools and two grade levels, seniors and juniors. If you want to see our future leaders, here they are.  These are highly motiviated youth, excelling in school and the Y. They were full of energy on their first day of their winter breaks. I can’t wait to have them all back at the end of the school year to hear about their continued accomplishments. Thanks Jay Froebe, Noah Scott, Grace Rector, Ernest Johnson, Vivienne Ayala and Ariel Mengistu. They were all awesome!

And so it goes, I wrap up this entire year tomorrow, December 28, 2015, with someone that has become so very special to me.  My intern, that I have called Tia “The Terrific” Ragland and her friend from high school Rachel Solomon. They have a story to tell about friendship and education. It’s a then and now story. I know we will have a great time together. Who would have guessed a year ago I would be writing a blog for 4 Sundays in a row about the incredible experiences I’ve had since April 13th!

I’ve been the talent agent, executive producer and host for these past 39 shows. What an incredible adventure. I would have never imagined all of these fantastic experiences were possible.  Nor did I realize how much I would enjoy it!

The New Year looks bright through my lens.  I’m sending you all my wishes for a very Happy and Healthy New Year.  Don’t forget to check out the shows next year.  I’ve been very fortunate for your continued support!  I was BORN TO TALK!