Rolling On The River

It’s Monday evening in Saigon.  The time changed to daylight savings, makes our difference, 14 hours ahead. As I write, we’ve just finished dinner around 9:00pm. Construction continues with hammering outside, scooters are still honking at each other and all is well in my world!

This feature is specific to our Sunday night dinner cruise on the Saigon River.  Our tour consultants arranged for a private dinner along with traditional music and dancing, on our private boat.

Neat sights as the sun was setting.

I know it is impossible to see the bat!  They were everywhere.  You will need to use your imagination, I will continue to try to catch them in action, they’re really fast and hang out near the river area. I’m so stupid I thought they were butterflies when we were at a rooftop bar.  Don’t say it!

Too bad I didn’t start taking pictures from the first course brought to our table.  This is the third course, fried pork and shrimp.  Unfortunately I can not receive my emails, that’s another story, our guide emailed me the menu, but I can’t open it!  I don’t  recall what the rolled white rice noodle is called.

Flank steak with asparagus and carrot filling.

This was a large pot of boiling broth in which we added the veggies, fish and shrimp.

The food each day has been wonderful; some pretty spicy, but flavorful. They use a lot of Sirrachi pepper sauce, that’s a bit too hot for me!

Speaking of’s that way outside along with high humidity. Not a good look for my hair!

I have learned so much about this country.  Here’s an interesting fact. 90 million people live in Vietnam and 60 million were born after 1975.  And they all seem to be driving motorbikes!

Ready for today’s events a long with some free time…