Ryan Howes, Psychologist and Writer

Join me for another episode of the Born To Talk Radio Show Podcast on Monday, March 25 at 1:00PT with my guest Psychologist and Writer, Ryan Howes.  Ryan has been a psychotherapist since 1994. This show is designed to take some of the mysteries out of psychotherapy by providing information that we can relate to. 

What is Psychotherapy?

Did you know that the profession of psychotherapy is a little over 100 years old? “The underlying principles of therapy – relationship, communication, collaboration, encouragement, problem-solving – have been around from the moment humans could speak. The profession came along when people started applying scientific and philosophical standards to these discussions and determined that talking with a trained professional really can help.”

There are multiple forms of therapy and counseling, that include couples, grief, and personal growth just to name a few. Many topics are discussed in therapy to help us confront and understand what may be causing us stress or discomfort. 

We all have “issues” in our lives and often times we turn to our family and friends. Therapy can be an excellent alternative from an unrelated family member or friend.  How do you get started? What can you expect in a therapy session?

I was drawn to Ryan, from social media when I read his article on Buzzfeed on “How to Stop Ruminating.” This really struck a chord for me, and perhaps you may do the same thing of “Overthinking Everything.”

National Psychotherapy Day, September 25.

Ryan is a founding team member of National Psychotherapy Day that began in 2014. He is part of a group of licensed clinicians, graduate students and professionals who believe in the “transformative power of the therapeutic relationship and the science behind it. We welcome diverse viewpoints and beliefs and share the common idea that science, quality relationships and time are key ingredients to resolving conflicts, promoting healing, and achieving potential.”  

This couch might just represent a place for you to come and sit a spell and share your concerns with a trained professional, like Ryan Howes.

I look forward to learning more from Ryan and sharing his knowledge with you.

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